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-::Concert @ Pepsi Arena in ALBANY, New York::-
September 11, 1998
Tickets: Section 2, Row 8
I went to my last Hanson concert of the 1998 Albertane Tour last Friday (9/11), and it was by far the BEST of the 6 that I've been to this past summer, tied with Red Rocks! (I went to Red Rocks, Hershey, Corestates1, Corestates2, Meadowlands & now Albany). They totally ROCKED the entire venue, the Pepsi Arena, and everyone was having ToNs Of FuN! I was in the 8th row in front of Ike & Zac, and Tay was facing my way through-out the whole thing. It was AWESOME! Zac wore sun-glasses for most of the show, and he looked GREAT in those red,orange, yellow & black camo-pants! Ike and Tay looked VERY cool too! The crowd was hyped as ever, especially myself, and the music sounded wonderful! I got soaked, once again, by Tay & Zac's supersoakers, and I almost caught 3 things that Tay threw! Ike had some problems with his guitar once in a while, he had to keep bending down & fixing the wires, and at one point Tay's microphone turned off while he was speaking! It was cute actually, he was trying to tap on it to fix it. They added a song called "Magic Carpet Ride", which, as all the others, sounded very cool! And of course, Ike's solo "More Than Anything" was BEAUTIFUL! Some highlights for me were that Zac and I had a head-banging thing going on! While I was singing & dancing & jumping & smiling, I sort of started lightly head-banging to the beat of the music, not crazily or anything... and I looked up to Zac & saw that he was watching me, then HE started lightly head-banging and smiling with me too! It was VERY cute :) Another highlight was when they all SEEMED to recognized me (since I met them in Denver)- they cracked a lot of smiles, and I didn't spazz out or anything, so it was really neat. All wrapped up, it was a grrrreat way to end my Hanson 'concert-filled' year. I'm glad that IT was the last for me, because I had the most fun, and it was all absolutely incredible! -not that I don't WANT to go to anymore this tour... I'd LOVE to, but it all has to end sooner or later, and so Hanson made this one the *perfect* last concert for me!

*Most of these pictures will load very blurry when you click on them. That's how they came out, sorry. Well, I'm glad that I got ANYTHING! I usually get pitch blackness in my concert pictures, so I was pretty excited to see these come out 'normal'! :) They are blurry because of all the flashing lights & movement everywhere & stuff... itz IMPOSSIBLE to take good pictures at concerts, unless you have a high-tech professional camera (actually thatz on my Christmas list, hehe). NOTE, my camera does NOT zoom in at all (I WISH it did, that would rule!), so this is how close I really was. It was THE BEST! (I can only imagine what kind of pics I would've had WITH a zoom on my camera! ~WHOA~ Probably their teeth, hair-strands, skin pores, sweat, & all the other good stuff! lol*
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