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-::Concert @ Meadowlands in EAST RUTHERFORD, New Jersey::-
August 24, 1998
Tickets: Section 107, Row 14
Wow, my 4th Hanson concert in a row! This was in my home state of New Jersey, so it was sorta more special to me. I also went with my really great friend, Jess. She likes Hanson, but she's not totally obsessed or anything, she's cool. I was really happy to bring her, because I knew she'd have a great time, and it was her first time seeing Hanson. Well, we got to the Continental Arena (Meadowlands) and there were a lot of fans hanging around the outside. I saw some fans from "green-jello", and some fans from past shows that I went to. Hanson Mania was back, and everyone was really thrilled. Jess & I walked around to the side to find a bathroom, and there we found their tourbus! Some girls were standing near it taking pictures of it & stuff. My friend Stephanie (from Rosie and Hershey) came over to me & hugged me. I knew she would be there, she's everywhere, like me :) Well eventually we all lined up by the gate to go find our seats. I stuck my camera in my bra (it looked really funny & felt akward, but I needed to sneak it in!). We got in & found our seats. We had section 214 row 5. It was up in the rafters, right next to the stage, but this time on IKE's side. Funny huh? Well, we decided to go down to the box-office and see if we could upgrade our tickets for better seats. Sure enough, the guy gave us Section 107, row 14. These seats were great! They were on the lower level pretty close to the stage. We got really excited, and Jess was like "oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh, this is sooo cool!" hehe, aw :) We were on Ike's side of the arena, and Tay was facing our direction the whole time (besides the bongo part of "MMMBop"). It was awesome! The cool thing was that Jess kept seeing Zac in the backstage doors! I kept missing it though, ahhhh. She would suddenly jump up & start pounding my arm saying "There he is!!!!!" and by the time I looked up he disappeared. Dang! Hehe, it was frustrating but funny. Then I left to go get Jess a tourbook, and as I walked up the stairs a sudden mass of screaming started, so I ran back to my seat. Nothing was going on, the girls were screaming for no reason at all (it always happens, I hate it!). Well I got her the book, and as always people stared at me & my shirt (my "I <3 Taylor" shirt). I've gotten a countless number of compliments on it, as well as some nasty looks, hehe. Itz pretty funny to see people's reactions! Once in a while I hear a whisper like "Hey, look at her shirt" and I just sorta grin & keep going. My shirt is definitely an 'eye-catcher', and itz pretty distinguished & stuff... (LOTS of fans know it, lots of parents have seen it, and even Hanson knows it). Actually, people who recognized me from other Hanson appearances called me the "I Love Taylor shirt girl" before, I thought it was sorta funny.
Anywayz, Admiral Twin came out & we clapped & danced along. The crowd wasn't really grooving with them, a lot of people were sitting. I thought it was pretty rude. They got a pretty warm applause when they left though (hmmm, I wonder why) Pretty mean in my opinion. Well, the 20 minute wait for Hanson to come out began. Some Aerosmith songs played while we were waiting (as at most concerts) and people were singing along. We were really hyped for Hanson to come out.
Finally the lights dimmed, the curtain dropped & they started by rocking out some "Gimme Some Lovin"! The crowd was really lively & we all danced & sang & clapped along. Hanson played one impressive song after another, and everyone cheered them on. Then this lady behind me started yelling at Jess & I to sit down. We were like "no way!! nobody SITS at a Hanson concert!!". She got the security to yell at us too, and boy were we mad. THEN Taylor said "There is 1 rule at a Hanson concert... nobody sits down!" and I started yelling at the lady like "Did you hear that?! Did you hear him?! I'm not sitting, sorry!!". Hehe, itz like Tay knew or something, weird! They played "I Will Come To You" and Jess & bawled our eyes out. It was REALLY neat because this one spot-light was shining directly on us during the whole song! It was coming from right behind Taylor & shining right on us (and he was facing right at us, seriously) I don't know why, but it was! It made the effect even more touching, and we stood there swaying our arms with tears running down our faces. It was definitely a memorable experience. People were actually looking over at us, hehe, I don't know why. I bet Tay could see us too, aww. Well, they got the crowd back in the groove with "A Minute Without You", but Jess & I still had tears running from "IWCTY", hehe. Also "With You In Your Dreams", man o man, what a eye-waterer! I loooove loooove loooove the way Zac plays the bass & sings in that song, he does it all so spirited and *wow*. I admire him so much. On "MMMBop", once again, all the parents got up & started clapping along, so it was really awesome. I think they always get the most response out of the crowd on "MMMBop", probably because 'itz the one that everybody knows', as Tay would explain. :) There's like adrenaline in the air or something, itz wild! That's what I love about Hanson concerts!! The Meadowlands really rocked, and Jess & I had a blast. After it was over, we ran out of the arena to watch them go on their tourbus. Well we got out too late to see them get on the bus, but we watched them exit the venue. We ran to the street where they would pass by, and we were the only 2 there! The bus slowly drove by us & we saw Ike & Tay in the front waving!! It was like icing on the cake... after an awesome night, and then we had the last glimpse of Hanson :)

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