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-::Concert @ Corestates Center in PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania::-
August 21, 1998
Tickets: Section 214, Row 1
I made it back to Corestates again for the 21st show, and this time I brought my friend Danielle. We got there around 5PM & just walked around looking for the MOE dudes. I re-aquainted with some fans that I met at the 1st Corestates show, as well as fans from Hershey & even Rosie. All these fans kept coming up to me & saying "Hey, I know you! I see you at every Hanson appearance!" and I'm just like "Oh, hehe, cool". Itz weird how these 'strangers' know me. Danielle was really shocked at all the people that talked to me, hehe, I'm famous! Yeah! Hehe, nah. Itz cool though. Well, we waited inside the building, in the hallways because security wouldn't let anyone in (Hanson was sound-checking). We heard them play "Money" and a bunch of other songs, so we got a little preview. Some fans were dancing & singing along in the hallway! It was cute.
I had a plan this time to get backstage, because I knew exactly who the MOE-pass guy was. I figured that I'd be like the first person in there, and find the guy & get to him first. Well, the doors opened, and I sprinted in. I was literally the first person in the arena, and I spotted the guy who had the passes!! He was standing on the floor level sorta near me! I ran down the stairs, and was about to jump over the rail to get on the floor level, until this BITCH security lady stopped me. Oh man, she was like "Do you have floor seats?" and said "No but the guy with the backstage passes is RIGHT THERE, pleeeease let me go!!" and she kept saying NO. AHHHHH, I was ready to strangle her! The guy was RIGHT there, but I couldn't get through because of the heartless bitch, uuuggghhhh. I gave her a really nasty look, called her some vulgar words, and I barged off to find another way in (hehe, BOY was I pissed!). I was so mad that cried. Danielle was even pissed, and she doesn't even like Hanson. Well, we had to go find our seats, so we went up 2 escalators & found our section. We were in Section 214, row 1. They were really high up, but right next to the stage on Tay's side. It was pretty cool because we were above the backstage rooms, so we saw Hanson go on & off stage! They waved up to us while coming offstage, so it was pretty awesome. Danielle & I screamed our lungs out, and we twirled around our glow-necklaces, and it was really fun! We hung my banner over the edge of the railing (since we were in the front row of the section), but a security lady sorta yelled at us. (you know, I really hate security, they never leave ya alone, aaggh). Well we had a view of Tay's BUTT through-out the whole concert, except for when he turned to play the bongos on "MMMBop". We also had an AWESOME view of ZAC on the drums through-out the whole thing, so that was special. And when Tay played the drums, we saw how he played each & every beat! He's damn good! :) The music sounded pretty distorted from where we were sitting, because the sound-blasters were right in front of us (hanging above the stage at our height) so we were completely DEAF at the end, hehe. It was worth it though! I never sat up in rafters like that before, but it turned out a lot cooler than I expected! I had tons of fun! I could actually look down & see Zac's hands/arms & foot keeping the beat going, and Taylor's fingers playing the notes on the keyboards, and Ike's bobbling little pony-tail :) It was pretty spectacular, definitely! It was sheer proof that no matter where you are at a Hanson concert, you have a total BLAST!!
After the concert, Danielle & I ran out to go to their tourbus. We made it out, and we stood at this bridge that they would have to pass under. I hung my banner over the edge, so that they would look up & see it before they pass under us. It turned out to be a GREAT idea! We watched Ike, Tay & Zac hop on the bus, and then it started coming towards us. They were in the front waving up to us all, and they saw my banner. It was really cool! As the bus was about to go under us, Danielle & I poured our water on it, hehe. When it came out the other end of the tunnel-thing, the wind-shield wipers were on, lol!! My bad. We had a great time at the concert, and this was just like icing on the cake! :)

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