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-::Concert @ Corestates Center in PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania::-
August 18, 1998
Tickets: Section 2, Row 15
My third concert (out of 6) of the Albertane Tour, and definitely one of the BEST. I went alone, once again, but I met a lot of cool fans. I walked around outside the Corestates Center for a few hours before the show, and I watched these people go in & out of Hanson's tourbus. These girls next to me yelled to this guy "Hey, we traveled all the way from Michigan!! We're in MOE too!!" and he was like "Whoa, that's far!". Then I yelled "Hey! I went to Denver, Colorado to see Hanson in concert!" and the guy must have misunderstood me because he was like "WOW, you're from Denver?! THAT is impressive!" so I just sorta agreed, hehe. I was hoping he'd give me a backstage pass or something, hehe, no luck with that though.
Well the gates opened, and I ran in to find my seat. I held up my MOE sign in a desperate attempt to be chosen to go backstage. Well, I spotted the guy with the passes, and I RAAAN across the arena to talk him. Guess what? As soon as I got there, he said he JUST gave away his last pass! UUGGHH, man I was soo upset. If I had been a second earlier, I would've been backstage. Ah well. I went back to my seat, which was an AMAZING seat once again, and I got my camera & silly string ready. I was in Section 2, Row 15 (which turned to rows 1 & 5 during the concert, hehe). There was lots of excitement & enthusiasm in the arena as everyone awaited Hanson's performance. Admiral Twin came out, and I ran to the front row. I managed to stay there for about 5 minutes until a butthead security guard kicked me back to my seat. It was pretty funny, because my seat was in the isle in row 15, so I could run up to the front whenever :) I did A LOT, and I got kicked back A LOT. Hey, I tried! It was fun! Well, Jarod Gollihare waved to me a couple times, so it was pretty cool. I was one of the few people who actually jumped around & danced & sang along to them, so they appreciated it. When they finished, everyone sat down, so I went back to my seat. We started chanting "Hanson Hanson Hanson" a few times, and the people in the rafters were doing a wave, so it was neat! The place was packed with about 10,000 people. I couldn't believe how close I was to the stage, again.
The lights went out, the curtain dropped, & Hanson jammed away right there! I was so thrilled that I literally almost did a flip! I was right in front of Tay, and it was totally amazing. They sounded really excellent, as always! I got soaked by their supersoakers again, and I fired tons of silly string at them. At one point, Zac was like RIGHT in front of me on the edge of the stage, and I decided to throw my frisbee to him. Well, he didn't exactly see it coming until the very last second, and so he quickly blocked it with his arm, and it fell off the edge stage. I was like "oh CRAP!!" and I closed my eyes in remorse. Luckily he just grinned & started shooting my area with water. My frisbee was stuck on the ground though, and it had a message for them on it. Later on I got it back, luckily! :) I think Zac even recognized me (from Red Rocks), so it was neat. I wasn't close enough to Ike for him to really see me, but Tay definitely acknowledged me. It was pretty groovy! Once again I enjoyed watching Tay take over the drums, and Ike sing his solo, Zac sing "Man From Milwaukee" and Taylor jump off stage to greet fans! Yeah, Taylor jumped down to the floor level & shook some girls' hands for a little while. The crowd totally SURGED towards that area because of course everyone tried to get up to where he was standing. Then he had to be pulled back up onstage, and his boxers were hanging out of his pants, hehe! He was embarrassed but laughing, so it was cute. They played all the songs as expected (really well too!) except for "Madeline". They forgot "Madeline"! Funny huh? Otherwise, the show was remarkable, and I totally loved every minute of it!!! They ROCK!!
After the concert I ran out of the arena to get to their tourbus. I stopped on this bridge thing which they had to go under in order to exit. A lot of other girls lined up on it, and the bus started coming towards us! We all screamed & waved and watched as they passed right under us. It was really cool.

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