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-::Concert at Hershey Stadium in HERSHEY, Pennsylvania::-
August 15, 1998
Tickets: Section B, Row 15
Early on August 14th, my family and I drove up to Hershey Park. (it was my mom, dad and 2 brothers... only my mom and I had tickets for the concert). A 2 hour ride turned into a 4 hour ride when we got lost in Omish country. It was really funny because there these horse-buggies & piles of crap all over the road, with these barefooted Omish people everywhere. I felt like I was in the wrong time period! (I heard that Hanson's tourbus broke down in Omish country too! How funny!) Well we found our way to our hotel & we checked in. I was really anxious to go to Hershey Park b/c I heard that Hanson wanted to go on some rides there. After experiencing my Denver incident (where I met them the night before the concert) I was really determined to go on a mad hunt for them through the park. Instead, we checked out the stadium, I saw where my seats were... WOW, I lucked out again with incredible seats. Let me tell ya, Hershey Stadium is HUUUUGE! It was the biggest that I have been to (and I've been to a lot!). Then we went to the infamous Hershey Hotel. There were many rumors that Hanson was staying there, but they weren't true. Anywayz, my parents didn't want to cart me around any longer, so we went back to our hotel & rested up for the big concert the next day. (I couldn't sleep of course, and I kept getting yelled at to shut up about Hanson, hehe). The big day came, and we all went to Hershey Park. My parents had to go to this little meeting thing w/some dude who was trying to sell them stuff, so I had to suffer through that first. At the end of the meeting, my mom asked if there was any possibility he could get me BACKSTAGE for the concert, and he stopped to think about it. My heart almost stopped! He sighed and said, "Actually, I COULD have gotten her backstage if I had time in advance to work it out. You guys should have asked me yesterday". Oh MAN, I was ready to kill him, hehe. I could have met Hanson again if we had asked sooner, ahhhh. Oh well, he said that if they go back again next year, then he'll bring me backstage. Whatever, we'll see what happens. So I got in the car crying, and we drove up to Hershey Park.
As we pulled in, there were cars with "Hanson Rulez" and "Beep 4 Hanson" written all over them, it was awesome. Hanson Mania had struck Hershey, Pennsylvania :) Well, it was only about 12PM, and my family wanted to go in the amusement park. They went in for the day, as I walked around the stadium searching for backstage passes w/my MOE card, and watching for Hanson to go in & stuff. I met a lot of cool fans, and we hung out for about 7 hours until the concert started. At about 4PM, Hanson's tourbus pulled in, and people were waving & taking pictures. I ran up to the side of it, because I thought everyone else would, but DANG I was wrong. I was the only crazy idiot was went right by the window, hehe! I felt weird, but it was cool b/c they waved to me. Pretty neat. Then I ran to the other side of the stadium to get a glimpse of them doing a sound-check. All these fans were gathered right up against the fence, screaming & waving to Hanson on the stage! It was cool. This girl I met at Rosie O'Donnell (Stephanie) called me over to where she was standing, because she had the BEST view of them all. We looked through her binoculars & saw them singing & stuff, it was cool. When they left the stage, I got in line with Steph & her friends, and we all waited to get in. At one point, Hanson went out on the stage, and we all jumped on the fence to climb up on it & get a better view... and when we got down our hands were all bloody! The stupid fence was like barbed-wire, and it totally slit our hands open! The funny thing was that on my way to get a bandaid, I went around to fans saying "You guys, don't climb the fence, look what happens" and they put their hands out & said "We know, we did it too", hehe, we're all dumb :) It was funny. The gates finally opened & we found our seats. I had Section D, row 44 which was in the "Gold circle" area in front of the stage. They were great seats, but thanks to this really awesome girl, I managed to get even better seats. We talked before the concert, and became friends sorta, then she said she had an extra ticket in Section B, row 15. I was so happy, I almost cried. My mom just hung around right behind Section B, right in front of these big TV thingies. I looked back at the crowd, and I was totally psyched! The place was PACKED with about 30,000 people! Yes 30,000! Red Rocks only held 9,000... so it was quite a change! Then all these people on the side rafters started screaming & waving, so I ran to the side gate, and there went Ike, Tay & Zac to go backstage! They looked really tall, and they waved to everyone. Tay was wearing that black leather-type jacket with the white stitching, it was so cool!!
Before we knew it, the lights dimmed & Admiral Twin rocked away! The crowd was loving it! Big beach balls were flying on the stage, and we were having fuun. Admiral Twin finished, and we waited 20 minutes as Hanson's intruments were set up & stuff. Suddenly the lights went out, the screaming jolted up a few notches, and the first few guitar notes of "Gimme Some Lovin" began & the curtain dropped! There before my eyes, were Ike, Tay & Zac jamming away! I must say I LOVE "Gimme Some Lovin/Shake Your Tailfeather"! It is such an awesome song to dance & sing to. Everyone was jumping & singing & dancing, it was great. They played all the songs as expected, and really rocked the place. They dedicated "A Minute Without You" to the people in the bleachers, and I swear I felt the ground shaking when they played "MMMBop"! It was AwEsOmE!! I had a really great view of them; I was in the center 15 rows back. I cried my eyes out during "I Will Come To You" because it reminded me of my best friend (she moved to Singapore, so couldn't come w/me to the concert). And of course "With You In Your Dreams" was intense as always. I looooove the way Zac plays the bass part, itz so touching & soulful, words can't describe it. Well, beachballs & things were flying through the air, and Ike really wailed one to the crowd! It was awesome. This is was VERY exciting concert, and I loved every minute of it! I must thank Megan for lending me a seat in row 10, she's the best!!
OH, guess what I found out after the concert? Well my mom ended up sitting in this little pit area right by the stage, where all the technical stuff was & where only "authorized people" were allowed. She said that no one ever asked her to move, so she stayed. WELL, she asked me who was filming onstage. I wold her it was Walker (Hanson's dad). She said "You're kidding, HE is Hanson's father?!" and I said "Yeahh, why?" and she said "He sat next to me when he was offstage! He was talking to some security guys right next to me almost the whole time!". Oh man, I was ready to strangle her, hehe. I was like "YOU were sitting next to Mr. Hanson and you didn't say anything?!? Ahhhh!!!", hehe. What a mess. I gave her a whole lecture about the Hanson family after that, incase she happens to end up near them again somehow. Itz pretty funny how she didn't know. Oh well! :)

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