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-::Meeting Hanson at Red Rocks in Denver::-
July 17, 1998... the BEST day of my life
On July 17th, the day before the big concert, Lucy and I were at the Red Rocks Amphitheater in Denver, Colorado getting information about the concert, meeting a lot of fans, and hanging around the place. We had planned on sleeping there that night, because we had general admission tickets (first-come first-serve), so we wanted to be there first to get the front row. We hung around there all day...talking to a lot of fans, kissing & praising the stage, figuring out where Hanson's hotel was, etc. We were told that Hanson would arrive early the next day for a sound check, so mostly everyone left to get to their hotels and rest for the big concert the next day. Although we were threatened by numerous security guards that we'd be kicked out at mid-night, we decided to take our chances and stay...

At about 8:00PM this girl ran over to us and said "Hey guys, there is a huge blue bus here! Itz Hanson!". We all looked at each other in shock & excitement, and ran up the hill to get a view of the parking lot to see if it was indeed THEIR tourbus. We looked down in the distance and saw a HuGe dark blue bus & we immediately recognized it! It was their tourbus! We started freaking out and ran back down the stairs, grabbed our camaras and made a huge sprint down to the bus! While I was running, I passed a woman with really looong blonde hair holding a baby, and a little boy running next to her. I thought it was Diana holding Zoe with Mackie running alongside her...but I wasn't thinking straight, so I kept running towards the tourbus. (Later, I figured out it WAS them!) We reached the bus and realized they weren't there anymore. We were told they went up to the amphitheater to check it out! (That's where we ran down from, doh!) SO, we debated whether to run up and take the chance of missing them come back down, or 'Just Do It' and try to find them up there. We chose wisely...

You guessed it, we ran like hell back up the hill to the amphitheater! We reached the top to this small parking area [to the backstage doors] and there was a dark green van parked! A few fans from up near the theater (above us) told us Hanson went onstage and shook their hands and stuff. We freaked out and asked them if Hanson was still up there, and they didn't know. They weren't allowed down to where we were because security guards held them back...that's when we knew we were in the right place :)
Then, I saw Zac peaking by the backstage door so I quickly & quietly said to Lucy, "Hey, itz Zac!" We slowly walked over there and waved & said "Zac?" but he sorta walked away. We were confused. Then we heard Isaac talking nearby, but we didn't know where it was coming from! We were anxiously looking around saying, "Isaac? Isaac? Where are you? Hello?". Then we spotted him and Tay climbing in the rocks! There was this big hole in the rock where we saw through...and Ike & Tay were standing up there looking out at the beautiful view of Colorado! We 'calmly' yelled to them "Hey, Ike! Tay! You guys!" and they looked & greeted us! They were like "Hey guys!". They were taking turns video-taping the scenic view from up there, and video-taping us and everything! We were telling them to be careful and not to fall, and then Tay pretended to fall! We were like, "Nooooooo!...Uhmm, we'll catch you!" and he was laughing. They kept video-taping us! We'll definitely be on their new video! Soon Zac came out and we got more excited! Then these 2 DUMB fans yelled, "Zacy-poohs!" and he got really mad at them! He YELLED back, "Don't call me that!!!". We were in shock! If Zac ever yelled at us like that we'd cry! Those STUPID fans really pissed him off because he wouldn't come out from behind the rocks after that. Tay & Ike were really friendly (Tay was THE friendliest) because they always waved down to us and talked to us while climbing. Then we heard Mackie in the rock yelling, "Isaac, help me!". He wanted to join them, but Ike wouldn't let him (they didn't want him to get hurt). We saw Ike leaning down talking to him. Ike, Tay & Zac climbed higher and higher up the rocks and enjoyed the beautiful view. Then Tay layed down on his back with the video-recorder while Ike stood on this really high rock in front of him, and Ike pretended he was 'The King Of The World'! It was cool. I yelled to Tay, "Are you excited about the concert tomorrow night?". He yelled back, "Oh yeah! It'll be a great show!". I yelled, "Yeah, cool! We're really excited too! It'll be awesome!". He smiled. I was in shock that I just had a conversation with Taylor! Then more girls came to where I was and we yelled, "Can you come and shake our hands?". Taylor started motioning his arm up & down like he was shaking our hands in the air... an we did it back. We all laughed :) What a cutie!

They eventually came down from the rocks to the parking area where we were, and Ike was bringing things in & out from the van to backstage. We shook Ike's hand first! He was so cute! Then he started walking away and Lucy asked to shake his other hand, and he laughingly yelled, "YOU'RE OBSESSED!" We all laughed. Then I saw Tay on the rocks so I went there and waved to him a few times, he waved back and said, "Hey!". Then Lucy & I saw Mackie standing by the door to go backstage, so we slowly went to him. He said, "Please don't take pictures of me, please.". We were like, "Aawwwww, we won't, we promise.". He was adorable! We shook his hand and told him he how cool he was. He was happy. We saw Jessie inside and we said "Hi" and she quietly said "Hi" and sorta walked away. Jessie and Avery were sorta scared because they're used to being mobbed by girls, so they didn't know what to think of us... we understand. Then Diana came to the van with Zoe in her arms (she's sooooo cute!). Zoe is a big baby! She has huge blue eyes and a little blonde curl in her hair, she's adorable! Diana is a sweeeeet lady. I said, "You have the three greatest sons in the world" and she smiled and sweetly said, "Thanks, thank you." She saw Lucy's "I Love Zac" shirt and my "I Love Taylor" shirt and she smiled. Then Lucy and I sorta went our separate ways to find Ike, Tay & Zac. I found Ike [again] and shook his hand again, I was alone this time and he was like, "Hi. Nice to meet you". He's so cute! While I was with Ike, Lucy managed to find Zac alone at the van, and she called his name and asked to shake his hand. He walked to her and shook her right hand! She was the only one who got to shake his hand there! Lucky! :) After that Ike & Tay came out from backstage, walked by us and said "Bye guys". Ike, Tay, Zac, Mackie, Jessie, Avery and Diana got in the green van and headed back down to the tourbus. We raaan back down to the tourbus... which lead to the best moments of our lives...

Ike and Tay got out of the green van and walked over to meet us. I shook Tay's hand was a dream come true. He walked over & put his hand out and said "Hey". :) That was the best moment of my life! He is g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s! He has THE most beautiful blue eyes, and the coolest personality, and the hottest body, and *whoa*. Some other fans joined us all and we all talked. We were totally calm and natural, it was great. They asked us where we were from and we told them New Jersey. They looked pretty shocked and Tay said, "You guys are crazy!". We told them we chased their van after the Rosie O'Donnell Show in NYC and Tay said, "Oh yah? There were a lot of girls there. It was wild.". Then he looked at our shirts and our faces, smiled and said "Hey, I DO remember you guys!". I was ready to die! :) I couldn't believe he remembered us from back in May 14th! YAY!!! Ok, anywayz, Lucy's little brother was there too and he said to Ike, "Hey, I like your part in Where's The Love, itz cool!". Ike & Tay both replied, "Thanks man!". They were happy :) They asked him what his name was and Lucy said, "Oh my God, Ike is talking to my brother!". Ike started making fun of her by freaking out and saying, "Oh my God! Oh my God!". It was hysterical, everyone started laughing! That was awesome! Well, we asked them how their tour was, particularly Tulsa and they said, "It was ok. This concert will be very cool!". We asked where Zac was and Tay said, "He's probably in the tourbus playing video-games.". He was mad because of those 2 stupid fans who called him Zacy-poohs! :( Oh well, maybe next time. Ike & Tay were incredibly down-to-earth and wonderful people. They had to go back in the tourbus and leave so they all shook our hands again and said, "Bye guys. We'll see you tomorrow, I guess! Are you coming to the concert?". We were like, "Yeah, definitely! See you then, we can't wait!". They said, "Thanks, see you later." While shaking Tay's hand for that last time, I didn't want to let go. They hopped in the bus, waved and sat near the front by the tinted windows, we saw their figures inside. We stood outside looking in the windows waving. They didn't leave until 10 minutes after sitting in there, because they were waiting for Diana to get in. Mackie was in the front of the bus where we could see him, and he was playing with Lucy & I! He was making weird faces and sticking his tongue out, and we copied him and he was smiling! It was cute. Then he rocked his head from side to side, so we did too, and we ended up hitting out heads together, he laughed and we laughed! Ike, Tay & Zac probably saw us do that too, oops! :) Lucy and I started dancing, doing the "Swing Your Partner Round & Round" thing (like Tay & Zac did on MTV Live in January!) and we almost fell over laughing. It was fun. Hanson probably watched us being crazy.

That was THE ultimate best day of my life. I still can't believe we met them. It was so unexpected...and turned out so awesome! I'm really surprised that nobody screamed or passed out or anything, we must have been in too much shock or something. Wow, now I'm more determined to meet them again, and hang out with them longer. They're truely the nicest, coolest, friendliest, hottest, most down-to-earth people I've ever met! I'll never forget it...Click for pictures

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