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-::Rosie O'Donnell Show in New York City::-
May 14, 1998
Me, my mom and my best friend went to NYC at 5:30AM to see Hanson on the Rosie O'Donnell Show. We didn't get into the Rosie Show (trust me, we tried doing EVERYTHING possible to get in! We went up to EVERY adult/old person who had tickets and CRIED & BEGGED saying how much we loved them & we even offered them all the money we had: $70 for their tickets, but nobody would give them was a nightmare!) , but anwayz a cop told us exactly where Hanson was coming out, so we waited there for like 3 hours. Many other Hanson fans joined us and eventually the whole area was filled! We had been told that Hanson would come out of this garage in a black van, so we all anxiously awaited it! The stupid cops barricaded us behind these big wooden fence things b/c everyone was so crazy. Then, HANSON'S VAN pulled out of the garage! The windows were totally tinted so you couldn't see them clearly. We saw their figures inside, they were waving & tapping on the windows!! We went WILD! Everyone pushed over the barricades and CHASED HANSON'S VAN! We chased it for about 3 blocks down New York (we almost got hit!) Many girls gave up, but Lucy, I & about 5 other girls (the tough ones) kept running! THEN, Hanson got stuck at a RED LIGHT, so we caught them!! We went right up against their windows & waved & banged on it and plastered our faces against it to see through, I saw them soo clearly! They were smiling, waving, laughing & banging on the windows back at us AND IKE WAS VIDEO TAPING US! We're on the official IKE CAM! :) Zac was directly across from me, he was acting all crazy & laughing. I tried taking pictures by putting my camara right up against their window, but they didn't come out! :( Darn tinted windows! Well, Hanson DEFINITELY saw each of us crazy people (since there were only like 5 who made it). I had my "I love Taylor" shirt on and Lucy wore her "I love Zac" shirt! It was the coolest! They are soooo awesome! I'll never forget it...
**Update- When we met Hanson on July 17, 1998 in Denver Colorado, Taylor remembered us from this crazy van-chasing Rosie O'Donnell experience! We told Tay & Ike about it and Tay said, "Oh yah? There were a lot of girls there. It was wild" Then he looked at our shirts and our faces, smiled and said "Hey, I do remember you guys!". I was ready to die! :) I couldn't believe he remembered us from back in May 14th!

Here is THE van that HANSON was inside! That is TAYLOR'S HAND waving in the front right window! Everyone went WILD! The barricades were knocked down and everyone began running after their van! It was amazing! About 50 girls running down the middle of the New York City streets! I'll never forget it!

Here's a picture of a bunch of fans who were waiting on the other side of the garage. See the stupid white barricades? They were useless :)

Here's a picture of Lucy & I and many other fans waiting for Hanson to come out! Lucy & I made that "We [heart] Hanson" sign oursleves, and Hanson saw it!

Here's (one of the many pictures) that UNFORTUNATELY didn't come out. I tried holding my camara RIGHT up against their window, but it obviously didn't work. :( Well, Ike, Tay & Zac were inside there, hehhe.

I took this picture while RUNNING after the van! I tried taking a picture of the van speeding away in front of me, but I guess I missed! (It's hard to aim when you're concentrating on catching up to your love & life, HANSON!)

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