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-::Meeting Hanson 3 times (in 1 day) in NYC::-
December 9, 1998
*Note* DO NOT ask for their hotel, b/c I cannot tell ANYONE! I am not going to write much about any of my hotel experiences either, because I think it invades their privacy to tell about it, you know? I go there to simply say "hello" to them & stuff, not to come back & tell about every word or every little move that was said/done. I hope you understand! Here are just a few highlights...

Wow, what a day this was! :) Where should I start? Ok, well Hanson was to appear on the the show "Live with Regis & Kathie Lee" in New York at 9AM EST. I got up at 3AM, caught the bus at 5AM and arrived at ABC studios at 7AM. There was a looong line of fans sitting there already, so I figured there was no chance of me getting in. So this girl from green jello and I (sorry, I forget her name but she was very nice) went to Hanson's hotel. About 10 minutes after we got there, Ike, Tay & Zac walked out. They greeted us, shook some hands & walked towards their van, ready to go to ABC studios. Tay was wearing these awesome blue sunglasses, they all looked really good.
Zac was singing something really weirdly & goofily... then he was like "agh, itz too early!!" hehe. Ike was munching on a bagel on the way out, so he couldn't shake hands, hehe (*note* later after "Lw/R&KL", someone asked Ike "How was your bagel?" and he laughed, hehe aw). Then Tay stood on the side of the van, looking over it to talk to us, and he said "so what time did you guys get up this morning?" and we were like "too early! 3, 4, 5, etc" he laughed & was like "aw YEAH!" hehe. Then he just said "well see u later!" & he ducked his head down back into the van.
They were ready to leave, so a couple fans and I RAN to get to ABC studios to see them there too (hehe, we're nuts). Some fans jumped in taxis & beat Hanson there, others such as myself did it the 'old fashion' way and ran, hehe. This 1 fan and I ran alongside Hanson's van for most of it, agh it was so funny. I had coffee in my hands (eek! never run w/coffee!) so it was spilling all over me, they must have been laughing. Then they got stuck at a light, so we got ahead of them but within seconds they were right next to us again, hehe agh. We eventually made it to ABC, they parked alongside the street, we were just standing around right next to them waiting for them to come out. It was sort of akward, because they were literally 2 feet away from us sitting there, and we were just hanging around calmly talking... I saw Ike finishing his bagel, and Tay was just staring into space w/Zac too, hehe. Then after about 3 minutes they went in the building, and made an awesome appearance on the show (I wish I had tickets), hehe ah well.

Well while they did the show, I hung out with 2 cool Hanson-loving pals who I met at some other concerts & appearances before, and we went to Hanson's hotel. More & more fans showed up, and pretty soon the whole entrance way was filled with fans. At around 11AM, Hanson's van pulled up, and out popped Ike, Tay & Zac. Zac went around the opposite way of the van, and Tay & Ike talked to us a little. Ike stepped out of the van, and we all jumbled up around him, and he was like "whoa, is this a convention or something?" hehe. Then someone asked him "how was your bagel?" (because he was eating it on the way out in the morning) so he said something like "oh it was great" hehe, doink. He walked my way (to go in the hotel) and I stopped him to hand him a gift (it was from a fan in North Carolina who asked me to give it to them, since she couldn't be there). I bet they love it ;) A bunch of fans bugged them for autographs, poor Taylor was like "sorry guys we really can't, Zac isn't around and we don't have time" blahblahblah, he was annoyed.. I hate it when fans do that. I just shook his hand, said "hey" and that's about it. There was no time for anything more, and there were WAY too many fans there to actually talk personally. Sooo I shook Ike & Tay's hands, then they went in, and Tay was like "we'll be back out soon guys!" so we all waited.

We waited there for about 15 minutes, we watched Mr.Hanson go in & out carrying bags to & from the van. They were leaving for Tulsa. Then this big luggage carrier thing came out, and Hanson's bags were on it. There were about 5 large black bags, then Tay's red Jansport backpack & Zac's backpack were hanging off hooks. 3 pairs of shoes were layed on the bags... Tay's dark blue Sketchers, Ike's brown boots, and Zac's fire shoes! (you know the pic in last page of MOE #3? Tay in orange vecro shoes, Zac with fire pants, Ike in boots, well Zac's shoes were matching those pants! They had fire coming up the front, they were awesome!!) I thought that was neat :) Their big bags were put in the back of the van, the backpacks up front along with the shoes. Soon Ike, Tay & Zac walked back out the doors and made their way to the van. Tay stopped right in front of me, 1 girl shook his right hand the normal way, then Tay took my right hand with his left hand.. it was weird! (you're supposed to shake right-right, instead it was Tay's left-my right, hehe!) I felt backwards, hehe I was like "huh?" and he quietly laughed. He held it for like 3 seconds, everyone was reaching for him but he had no hands left, hehe! Then he said "bye guys, we'll see you later! Merry Christmas!" and he continued to the van. We wished them happy holidays & everything back, they went to the van (after being stopped a million more timesd by fans, hehe) so I ran to the front-side of the van to say a last good-bye. The fans of green jello were standing there as well (we're clever!) and we stood like 2 feet away from them as they got in the van, great view of their little butts climbing in, hehe! J/K :P This girl was like reaching in the van, trying to give something to them a little lego-thing which she named the "Man from Milwaukee" or something, so she just threw it and NEARLY nailed Ike in the head, lol! He was like "agh!" and he laughed... he had gum in his mouth, I saw it when he was laughing w.his mouth wide open (aaggh gum, memories from my TRL experience! yuck! hehe!). They closed the doors and ATTEMPTED to drive away, but there were fans all over the place blocking the way, grrr! I was at the stop light on the side of the street (green jello was there too) and we were like screaming at the fans who were blocking Hanson's way. They had to catch a flight to Tulsa dagnamit, and people wouldn't let them go! Eventually the van broke through and slowly drove by us all, they were waving, as always. They headed off to the airport, and that was the end of it.

Here are a bunch of pictures that my friends Alycia, Shannon and I took (I only took the first 2 actually). I met Alycia and Shannon after the last Letterman appearance, and since then I have bumped into them quite a few times at other appearances :) Sooo we traded (or are trading) pics & stuff. Here are some of our pictures-
*I edited out the backgrounds on purpose. Sorry, I had to.*

*Photo credits to Alycia and Shannon, and also a few to myself for once (wow, hehe)*

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