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-::Inside the taping of MTV's Total Request Live::-
November 12, 1998 ... the COOLEST experience of my life!
If it wasn't for the Hanson Hotel webpage, my brother's friend's mother who brought me to the bus station, my dad's last minute permission for me to go to the city, the girl who let me use her friend's name to get in, or the kindness of the people at MTV studios . . . I never would have been able to experience the COOLEST thing in the world--- being in the [very small] audience of the taping of a 1 hour show with HANSON.

Well, after I met Hanson outside of MTV studios, I almost went home. I was like "ok, I met them, why should I bother standing out in the cold for another 3 hours?". Ok, well, I met this girl from NYC who was going in the taping of Total Request Live. This is how it all worked- in order to get in the taping of TRL (Total Request Live), you had to be on the list. There was a list of names of people to be in the audience (the audience only had like 20 people). You had to have connections in order to get on that list. WELL, of course I was not on the list, but I figured that I'd just TRY to get in and see what happens, what is ther to loose right? So the people who were on the list got in a line, I got in the line too, and we walked up into MTV studios. We were lined up against the wall, and I was a nervous reck. I prayed that they would let me in. 1 security guy started walking down the line checking people's names off of the list. He got to me, and I said "Well to be honest with you, I'm not on the list, but I'm such a huuuge Hanson fan & I traveled alone 3 hours to get here & I'll do anything to get in" blahblahblah, I made myself sound really desperate (I was really desperate!). So he said I could stay in line & see what happens when I get called up to the desk. Well 2 people at a time went up to this desk & got a wristband to go in the studios. My turn came, and I went up and explained myself again, I pleaded with them to let me in. The lady said "well go to the end of the line & we'll see if we can get you in ". I slowly walked away crying & I got at the end of the line. I cried my eyes out back there, and people were like "awww, don't worry you'll get in". My turn to go to the desk came again, and I shakily walked up to it with tears dripping from my eyes. The girl next to me said "my friend Melissa is on the list & she couldn't make it today, so you can go in under her name". I was SO incredibly happy & thankful, that tears of joy fell from my eyes now, hehe (thank goodness for water-proof mascara man!). So I got a lot of hugs, and I got a black wristband to go in. I walked through the doors into the actual MTV studios (itz awesome back there! there are backstage rooms w/costumes & cameras & light equipment & televisions everywhere, etc!) and we stood in line against the wall to be seated. Jessie Camp came out of a room & we all were like "Hi Jessie!!". He is really tall & cute (a weird sort of cute), hehe! Then Walker came out of a room and we were like "Hey Walker!" He smiled & greeted us. Then Ike popped out of a room & ran into another room to get something, we were like "WHOA, Ike!!" hehe. He just ran through us & was like "Hey guys".

At about 3:20, 10 people were let in at a time to be seated. My turn came, and I walked into the place where TRL was about to be taped. Ike, Tay and Zac were all standing there (about 15 feet from me) rehearsing their lines. They looked so amazing :) Tay was wearing tight dark jeans & a rufflie white blouse over (which he took off later) and a blue shirt with HG in yellow. Ike was wearing a fancy-type outfit, gray silky pants, nice black shoes & a matching blouse. Zac was wearing a tight black shirt & AwEsOmE gray pants which had VERY cool embriodery on the front-side & back. They were all stunning. I sat down on this spiralie lime green couch and stared at them in awe. Serina Altchul was also there talking with them-- man she really pretty in person! :) Ike, Tay & Zac came over to us quickly to greet us, we shook hands a few times & talked a little. Then it was time for them to start hosting the show, so they went over to the cameras & got ready. Big white queue-cards were held in front of them, it was very cool to watch them 'on the spotlight'. Every time they said "Total", we all went "totaaaaaaaaalll" and sorta made fun of them, hehe, it was fun. They were very laid-back & funny, especially Zac. Man, that boy must have had a sugar high or something because he was literally bouncing off the walls the whole time! He was so much fun. He was totally goofing around the whole time, he kept making faces at us & the cameramen, he was hilarious. Every other minute he was either dancing or groovin with the music, or hanging with us, or bashing us with his microphone, or mocking the people standing outside, hehe. Yeah, he went to the window quite a bit (he was actually allowed b/c there weren't too many people outside) and he was just making funny faces at them & stuff, it was cute. He came over to my section a few times b/c this girl kept calling him over. He said to the people around me "Hey you were here yesterday! You were too! O and you too!" and I was like "Hey I wasn't!", hehe. Gosh, he has matured SO much. His voice was actually lower than Tay's in a way, I'm serious! He's very big too, sorta chubby, but just right :) Tay is very tall & slim yet buff, he has great arms & a kick-ass stomach, and his BUTT is the absolute cutest thing I've ever seen! Itz so small & perfect, aaahh, hehe. Ike is very slim & tall too, he's a hottie too. Tay's hair was down, and his rat's tail was hangin out... itz about 2 inches longer than the rest of his hair, and the braid is sorta falling apart, hehe, aw. His eyes were SO blue, it was amazing! The lights in there really brought them out (you can't tell on television!). Also Ike got his top braces off, but his bottoms of still on. Zac's teeth were pretty straight & very white! The gap he used to have isn't as abvious anymore.. same with Tay's teeth. Those were just some little things I noticed (I spent a whole hour with them, so I really check them out! hehe).

Some highlights were Ike during the Backstreet Boy's video. He was hilarious!! O my gosh, when the Backstreet Boy's video was playing, he fell to his knees & acted like he was all heart-broken & diing & crying... very dramatically. It was SOO funny, he is InSaNe! Tay was a cutie as always, he cracked a couple funnies too. He had these lint pieces on his shirt (the HG shirt), so he was picking them off and I was like "Hey I'll take them!" and he laughed... he thought I was kidding, but man, I was dead serious! :) Another cool thing was when Zac came over right next to me, and this girl was like "Hey Zac, your pants are nice... for me to poop on!" but really jokingly w/an accent, and Zac started repeating it w/a BIG Italian accent, it was SO funny. He was like "yeys, yor ponts arrre nice forrr me tooo poop onn, a vetty biiig poop, a biiig slimy diarhhea" hehe, gross! We were all laughing, and Tay was TOTALLY cracking up too. It was great! Also, after Ike knocked Tay in the mouth with the microphone, Tay kept holding his tooth & licking his mouth w/his tongue, he was like "agh Ike!" hehe, aw :) During the songs on the countdown, Ike & Zac were head-banging & dancing around w/us, but Tay just sorta walked around being normal. Then this girl was like "Hey Tay, you have to dance too!" and he said "well only if you dance" and so she started groovin a little, then Tay did this ADORABLE little dance w/his hands wrapped across his body & his legs bouncing up & down, it was so cute, hehe. He stopped right away b/c he seemed to be a little embarasses, hehe.

Those were just a FEW of the cute & funny moments, but the whole hour was just incredible. I'm so thankful to the girl who let me use her name, and to MTV for letting me in (I had to cry my butt off to get in, but it worked, hehe). I'll never forget this experience, it was the best ever. I really got to know them more, I got to see why people call Zac "crazy", and Tay rather "independent", and Ike just really FuNNy & awesome. They were all really fun & down to earth. It was a cool experience to watch them live 'behind the cameras', and to see what they do off the spotlight (which was goof around with us, hehe). I'll never ever forget this! :)

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*I forgot 3 more little funnies that I MUST tell you guys about! Here they are-
1ST- in the song "Pretty Fly for a White Guy" by Offspring, during the parts that went "uno dos tres quatro cinqo-cinqo seis...", Zac would start doing this really funny dance & facial expression! He acted like an Egyptian dude & got down & groovy w/it, hehe, it was SO cute :)
2ND- during one of the songs on the countdown, we were all sorta dancing & head-banging together w/Zac & Ike. Then Ike & Zac stood right next to each other & started bouncing their heads to the right simultaneously (like the 2 guys on the movie "Night at the Roxbury)!! It was really funny!
3RD- when Zac sat next to the girl Katie (the supposed 'N Sync fan w/black hair, hehe, she was faking it), I was right behind him w/2 other girls, and we started touching & tugging his hair just jokingly, then he turned around all chuckling & was like "agh agh agh, don't touch me!!" and he pretended to beat us down with his microphone, hehe. He was bashing it at our heads & laughing :) We kept touching his hair, and he reached his arms behind him to smack us away, hehe. Then it was time to go 'on air' for the tv & talk to Katie, so we stopped. It was fun while it lasted :)

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I was shown on television about 10 times. [here are pics of me] Well, I was wearing a white shirt with a red sleeveless jacket (a red vest-jacket), my hair was up in a bun thingie. I looked so terrible on tv, aahh! I was chewing my gum with my mouth wide open and the camera caught it, agh, I'm SO embarassed! Ah, oh well, I'm glad I was there, so I'm not complaining :) Here are a few captures from it which I'm sorta shown on (thanks HansonHotel)!:

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