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-::Meeting Hanson outside MTV studios::-
November 12, 1998
Whoa, seeing Hanson for the 3rd time in 1 week, how cool! I went to the bus station at 12PM and arrived in the city at 1:30PM. Since nobody really knew that Hanson was hosting MTV's Total Request Live AGAIN, there was virtually nobody there! I walked over to the side of MTV studios where I saw these 5 girls. I went over & asked them if they were there to see Hanson, and they just turned their backs at me and started whispering things ... I was like uhhhhh, oook.

So I stood there and tried to figure out what to do, and within minutes a dark van pulled up. Guess who popped out? Yep, Ike, Tay and Zac walked right over to us 5-6 fans, and they greeted us. There were 2 security dudes to the front/left side of me, so I was pretty smooshed from them. Ike was to my right (he was wearing silky gray pants), Zac in the middle (he had on a tight black v-neck shirt) and Tay right in front of me (he had a jean-type jacket on & really tight dark jeans, hehe). First I greeted Ike. I put my hand out in front of him & said "Hey Ike!" & he shook it & said "Hey!". I took it back and just sorta stared at them all in awe. Then Zac practically pushed over the security dude to shake my hand, hehe, I was shocked. He put his hand out & I shook it.. once again it was a really tight hand-shake, my hand was like being suffocated by him! :) He said "Hey!" and I said "Hi Zac!". After that he turned around and walked away. The rjb girls were getting their CD's signed, so I quickly pulled out my Middle Of Nowhere CD and handed it to Ike. While Ike signed it, I greeted Tay. I put my hand out & was like "Hey Taylor!" and he shook my hand & said "O hey!". He took my CD cover from Ike & started signing it. His pen was running out of ink so he started shaking it to get it to work, it was cute. I went to take it back afterwards, and he looked at me & said "Hey hold on a minute, let me get Zac" and I said "Ok thanks". So he turned around & found Zac (who was like roaming in circles it seemed, hehe) and so Zac signed it. Then Tay took it back from Zac and handed it to Ike, he didn't know that Ike had signed it already, hehe. Ike looked at it weirdly and I was like "ah, I think that's mine" so he handed it back to me. I thanked them all a million times, and they thanked us & said "Bye guys, see you later", and they went inside.
I could not believe that I had just met them again. It was sorta just like Coconuts w/a simple "Hey", a handshake & an autograph (there was no time for any conversation or whatever) but it was cool. Now I have 2 autographs-- 1 on Live From Albertane and 1 on The Middle Of Nowhere. This was my 3rd time meeting them, it was unexpected again, but it was great! :)

Here's Hanson's autograph that I got in NYC on November 12th! Ike & Zac's are in red, and Tay's is in the gold again. His ink was running out while signing it (like at Coconuts!) so he was like shaking it around to get it to work, hehe :) Their signatures are done basically the same way as on my Live From Albertane CD cover, which I had autographed November 4th in Coconuts... itz pretty cool!!

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