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-::MTV's Total Request Live in New York City (first 1)::-
November 11, 1998
I got out of school real early (10:55AM) and I went to the bus station to go to New York city. I arrived around 12:30, alone again, and there were tons of fans standing behind barricades singing & screaming up at MTV studios. I joined them & we all awaited Hanson's arrival at 3:30PM. Finally they showed up, and fans were constantly screaming from the streets below (including myself). I ran over to the right side of the studios, and I had a wonderful view of them. Ike, Tay or Zac waved to us a couple times, and of course the screaming got 10 times louder when they did. Tay had on a cool yellow shirt, Zac had on a green/gray shirt, and Ike had on a black shirt. They looked really great from where I was standing! :) I watched them read the q-cards & be silly, once in a while Zac would hit himself in the head like he did something or or whatever, it was cute. I took a lot of pictures, so hopefully they'll come out. It was a pretty cool experience, I guess.
Afterwards I went to their hotel, which I'm keeping strictly confidential (I'm not telling a soul no matter what, sorry!), and I waited there with a bunch of other fans -- green jello, red jellybeans, etc. About 7PM came, and Hanson still didn't show up. During the wait, guess who came out of the hotel? Mariah Carey, Stevie Wonder, and Ice Cube! I never met so many stars in my life! Hehe, it was pretty darn cool. Mariah Carey is gorgeous in person ... her hair was up & she had dark glasses & really HIGH heels, she walked out & we were like "Hey Mariah!" and she said "Hiii girls!". I got a picture, I'll scan it after it gets developed, along w/the Hanson pictures. So that was my trip to New York City... getting a few waves from Hanson, and meeting some other celebs, I enjoyed it!

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