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-::David Letterman in New York City::-
November 9, 1998
I left to the bus station at 2:30PM EST and I arrived in New York City at 4:30PM EST.. I went alone again. After the looong walk to the Late Show studios (1697 Broadway), I stood by the barricade in front of Hanson's van. The show's taping was from 5:30 to 6:30PM EST, so I just waited for them to come out (there were about 100 other fans waiting outside too). Since I was bored, I went over to Hanson's van and peeked inside... guess what I saw? The little stuffed animal (a bear) that Ike & Tay have in "The Road to Albertane"! Hehe, you know, the one they put up to the camera a lot! It was so cute :)
Anywayz, 6:30 came, and we all started getting excited because Hanson was going to come out right in front of us. Before we knew it, Walker and Jessie came out and quickly went into the van. Soon after that, Ike, Tay and Zac came out and waved to everyone. They shook some fan's hands, and everything went very quickly (there were tons of flashes of lights too.. from all the cameras). Ike & Tay mainly went to barricades across from me (still only 7 feet away), but Zac on the other hand came right to our section & shook people's hands. He was right by me, so I was like "ZAC!!" and he shook my hand, hehe. They were all smiling & waving the whole time (the whole 2 minutes), it was pretty cool. Then they jumped into their van, which I was directly in front of.. and I started running down the street to the light (before they even started moving). I stopped at the light and watched as they came closer & closer to me, I was standing in the middle of the street blocking their way, hehe. Then they were right in front of me, literally, and I started frantically waving & laughing. I didn't want to bang on the windows or anything, so I stood there like an idiot trying to see through their windows. I couldn't see much because of they were tinted, but I did see a lot of hands waving at me from inside :) They must have been like "Oh god, itz her again" hehe. Then they turned and I, along with these 3 other girls, RAAAN like hell after it. Holy crap, we chased it for about 10 streets down... until we came upon this stupid circle. Well we ended up right across the street from their hotel! YES, they parked alongside the road next to the hotel & got out & greeted the fans standing there... while I was stuck on the other side of the street (I couldn't cross because of the crazy traffic) AGH, I was like craaaap! By the time I got across, they had gone inside (figures doesn't it?) hehe, oh well! It was cool while it lasted :) I got to get within 5 feet of them, and shake Zac's hand... so all in all it was worth the trip!

Here are a few pictures I snapped when Hanson came out. The stupid security dudes blocked Hanson from my pics (arrgh!) but oh well. Check out the 3rd picture, it is Zac's BUTT! Hehe, after I shook his hand I managed to snap a pic as he was walking away.. I thought I got his head, but it turns out I got his butt! OOPS! Oh well :)

Here are a few AwEsOmE pictures my friends ALYCIA and SHANNON snapped when Hanson came out! They were on the other side from where I was (they're probably in my fans pic above) and they got mega close! Soo cool! :)
*Photo credits to Alycia and Shannon!*

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