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-::Meeting Hanson at Coconuts in New York City::-

November 4, 1998
At 10PM November 3rd, I was on the net, and I suddenly read "November 4th- Hanson appearing live at Coconuts Music store in Manhattan, NY at 4PM to sign autographs". Boy did I SCREAM :) I ran down to my parents and begged the daylights out of the to let me go... and at 5AM on November 4th, they finally said "ok". I was soooo happy, I was crying. WELL, at 7AM, my dad dropped me off at the bus station here in New Jersey, and I boarded it ALONE and left to the city. Yes, I went all by myself into NYC to see Hanson, it was really awesome. After getting stuck in 2 hours of traffic (I was SO impatient, I was like "AAAhhhh, get this damn ting moving! I gotta see Hanson!"), I finally arrived at the port authority bus place in the city & I headed to the Coconuts music store at 6th Avenue & 51st Street (I found this addy on the net). I was wearing flared jeans, new adidas sneakers, and 8 layers of shirts (my "I Love Taylor" shirt was on top of course, hehe), and I had a red/maroon vest-jacket over it. Yes, I wore 8 layers... I felt like a pudge but it was FREEZING outside! I found the Coconuts music store, and there were only about 50 fans sitting there. I got in line and talked to some fans (the girl who got Zac's drum sticks on Rosie) and some other cool people. It was only 9AM, and we had to wait until 4PM to meet Hanson (we waited 7 hours out in the COLD sidewalk... it was definitely worth it though!). I met this really cool girl from Queens, NY, and it was her first time seeing Hanson ever (not only does she get to finally see them live, she gets to meet! Cool huh?) I brought a sleeping-bag for us to sit on, and it also held our place in line. We counted down each our of the day and we just hung out.
Finally 4PM came, and there were about a thousand people lined up to meet Hanson! We all anxiously awaited for them to arrive, and guess what? They were 1 hour late! Oh boy, we were SO impatient, everyone was freaking out, hehe. Everyone was like "where the heck are they?!?" but supposedly they got stuck in traffic. By 5PM, a big dark van pulled up to the door and there was a roar of screaming. Ike, Tay and Zac jumped out and ran in the doors of the store. The crowd surged forward and everyone was squooshed like a pancake. Security let about 10 people in at a time, and I was in the 4th group of people to go in. We walked in the store, and across the room there was a large green desk with "Live From Albertane" pics/signs everywhere (they were there to promote it), and there sat Ike, Tay and Zac (Ike was on the left side, Zac in the middle, and Tay on the right side). Actually, Zac was not sitting... he was like leaning over the table with one leg on his chair, just hangin around & signing people's cds. Fans walked up one at a time to meet & greet them, we went from Isaac down to Taylor, then we were forced to leave.
My turn to meet them came, and I calmy & coolly walked up to Ike... while walking towards him I could tell he recognized me, just his facial expression, hehe. I said "Heeey!!" then Ike smiled & was like "Hey, itz you again!", we laughed. He signed my cd cover, gave it back to me, and I looked at Zac, but he was talking to the fan before me. I put my hand out in front of Ike, and he shook it :) I smiled & thanked him. Then I cruised on over to Zac, and let me tell you, he is SO cute! He has gotten so big & mature, aahhh! Hehe, Zac put his hand out & said "Hey!" so I shook it (he squeezed my hand so tightly, I thought it would fall off, hehe! And he wouldn't let go, we shook up & down like 7 times, hehe, I didn't know what to do) and while shaking I said "Heeey Zac, itz nice to meet you", he was smiling. He took my cd cover, signed it and handed it back to me. I smiled & thanked him. That was my first time actually meeting ZAC, I was SO happy! Then I went over to Taylor and I was a little shy, I don't know why. He looked at me with this face like 'oh I know her' and he smiled & said "Hey!". He noticed my shirt, and he had this grin on his face, hehe, I was basically speechless, I was blushing really bad. I handed him my cd cover. He signed it really big & weirdly, it rocks! He handed it back to me and turned around to look at something. I only had a few seconds left, and I wanted to talk to him more so I said "Hey Taylor!" and he turned. I was like "Here, I made this for you guys" and I handed him this card I made, he smiled & thanked me. Then a security dude called him and he was like "What?!" and by then I had to leave :( I walked away, went through the curtains and started tearing from happiness. Although this was very rushed (it was like sign it-sign it-sign it-BYE), it was still AwEsOmE. I think it was VERY sweet of them to do this for us fans, do you realize how many times they had to sign their name that night? Ugh, it must have sucked (I could tell they didn't like being there, who would?!). I don't think they realize how much it meant to us fans. For us to be able to meet & greet them, itz like a dream come true. I really appreciate how they did this, and I hope they will do it again. I have my autograph framed :) Oh, absolutely NO pictures were allowed (which suuucked), but at least we got autographs. I REALLY wanted a picture, but it was prohibited. Oh well, I'll always remember this experience, and the autograph is just AmAzInG!

Here are pics of the autograph, fans, and Taylor [thru a window] at Coconuts...

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