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Here are some pictures of fans meeting Hanson! Dreams do come true, as these lucky people know :)
If you haven't already seen/met Hanson, DON'T GIVE UP. Your day will come. Just stay determined.. it'll happen if you keep your heart to it.
I think every Hanson fan deserves a chance to at least see them live in concert, because it is SUCH an AwEsOmE experience see them perform live in front of thousands of people. Meeting them is just taking it all to another level. Once you meet them itz like "WOW". You realize they are regular teenage guys who are lucky enough to make a living of doing what they love to do. Itz an amazing opportunity to be able to talk to your #1 IDOLS, sometimes it just doesn't sink in right away.. you're just in awe! I really can't describe it, but the experience is priceless...

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